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My apologies

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 04:19

I know the site looks like crap right now and I’m truly sorry.  I had every intention of putting up a newly redesigned blog but real life caught up with me – as it generally does – and I haven’t had time to dedicate to making it look nice.

I’ll hop to it as soon as I can.


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Toddlers and patience

Fri, 06/08/2012 - 06:29

Oh. My. Sack.

I’m an impatient person at the best of times and I’ve probably got a shorter fuse than your average person so it’s taken every ounce of self control for me to shoehorn myself into parenthood.

You learn a few things being a dad – your need to lower certain of your standards, you need to be prepared to share your castle and your stuff, and you have to realise that nothing can happen in a hurry.

But, HOLY KROM, nothing has tested my patience more than when Captain Awesome started his transition into toddlerhood.

Look, don’t get me wrong. My little due is cute and he’s generally well behaved.  Shit, the teachers at his playschool say he has the best manners out of all the mini people at his school and, to quote Teacher Pat, he’s a “perfect little gentleman.

But. BUT. He’s at that age where boundaries are being tested.  He needs to know how far he can push me and wifey before “NO” becomes *dumped in the crib for some alone time*

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hard on the little oke.  But that’s because I want him to grow up respectful and I want him to stay on the straight and narrow.  Sometimes, I’m a bit too hard on him and wifey need to pull on my leash a bit and tell me to calm the eff down.

Okes.  This is the best time you’ll have with your kid in the first few years of his life.  They learn so quickly and every day there’s something new or quirky that they unleash on you.

Their personalities are starting to form, and NOW is when you start re-enforcing all those values that you started teaching from the beginning (yes, I told you this already).

But, trust me, it’s not easy. You need to be patient.  And if you’re impatient to begin with, like me, take my advice. Start learning patience NOW.  Because if this is what it’s like having a two year-old, imagine what a teenager will be like.

And if anyone reads this and says “ooh, the terrible twos are coming”, please go drown yourself in goose poo.  I wish I had R1 for every time I heard that. 

There is no such thing – only toddlers not brought up properly from the start.  They’re going to test their boundaries, but the earlier you start teaching them to respect their boundaries, the easier it’ll be to speak once.

And in my house, I speak once.

Happy Friday.

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Oral health during pregnancy

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 07:44


As health conscious South Africans we know all about keeping our bodies in tip top shape and if we can use the latest gadgets to improve on our levels of fitness, then so much the better. Why is it then, that so many of us neglect our oral wellbeing during pregnancy, especially considering that pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay?

Recent statistics reveal that the average person’s body is 50% healthier than their mouths, which is strange considering the effect our teeth have on our general feeling of hygiene. It is therefore vital that we start paying the same attention to our mouths as we do our physical health, especially considering the increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay during pregnancy.   With this in mind, surely it’s time to upgrade the health of our mouths?

“Taking care of your oral health is crucial during your pregnancy. The increased levels of progesterone and oestrogen in your body can cause gums to soften and bleed leaving you more susceptible to gum disease, sensitivity and other tooth problems.  During pregnancy your blood flow also increases, which can lead to an increased blood flow to your gums that can cause complications. Many pregnant woman suffer from pregnancy gingivitis – combined gum disease and sensitivity – which left untreated could affect both mother and baby,” explains Leading Johannesburg-based Dentist, Dr Hoosen.

“Research suggests that, while we are happy to spend up to an hour or more exercising, most of us do not brush our teeth for the recommended two minutes twice a day. When brushing manually, brushing performance is influenced by people scrubbing their teeth, applying too much pressure, brushing well below the recommended two minutes and at times, not brushing day and night

“For this reason, I often suggest that my pregnancy patients upgrade to a power toothbrush, which delivers a healthier mouth. Brushing using a power brush is more effective than using an ordinary manual toothbrush and gives a dentist-fresh feeling that is, thanks to the latest technology, easy to achieve and upgrades your oral care routine instantly,” he says.

Dr Hoosen recommends ensuring you give your teeth two minutes of attention day and night so getting a power toothbrush with a timer is very handy.

It’s little wonder then that studies have shown that over 90% of people who have tried power brushing have been so impressed with the results that they will never consider going back to using a manual toothbrush.

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Thank you mom

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 06:49

Procter & Gamble have this cool little campaign going to salute moms ahead of of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Inspiring stuff.

Have a look:

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Pampers’ five-star panel

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 06:37

Press Release

Every parent wants to do what is best for their baby but there’s so much conflicting advice out there that it’s hard for  to know where to begin.

For this reason, Pampers has compiled a five-star panel of experts to identify how parents can best care for their little ones.

The Panel includes: Dr Mpofu (a dermatologist), Dr Hetan Hari (a paediatrician), Sister Lilian (a parenting expert), Leanne Manas (an award-winning TV presenter and mom) and Natasha Clark (a parenting blogger).

Sensory Alert – Dr Hetan Hari.

“Your little one’s sensory experiences shape the way in which his brain and nervous system grow and mature. Crawling, touching, smelling, seeing and hearing brings baby into contact with new sensory experiences that guide his development. By taking care of your baby’s skin, parents ensure that baby can explore his world without the distraction of discomfort.  An infant’s nervous system is more sensitive to touch than an adult’s, which means they experience most stimuli more intensely and every experience feels ‘larger than life’. The skin of a newborn differs from that of an adult or older child because it is thinner and more permeable, making it particularly susceptible to extrinsic factors such as dampness. As a result, discomfort in the nappy area can be quite an unpleasant and distressing experience for baby. Therefore a baby’s skin and sensory state requires extra special consideration, especially in the first few years.”

Sensitivity Zones – Dr. Mpofu

“Baby’s delicate skin is extremely vulnerable and as a result, nappy dermatitis occurs in 20% of children under the age of two. The good news is that it can be prevented by protecting baby’s skin, particularly in the nappy area. To ensure baby does not suffer from the discomfort associated with these forms of dermatitis, it is essential to maintain dryness in the diaper zone by limiting the contact of baby’s skin with urine and faeces. This serves to effectively prevent the resulting maceration, or saturation of the skin.”

Advice for Demanding Skin – Sister Lillian

“After baby’s bath, use an ultra-soft towel to gently pat dry baby’s skin and avoid rubbing as this could irritate baby’s delicate skin.  On sunny days, protect baby’s vulnerable skin by keeping them in the shade, clothing them in cool yet protective garments and ensuring they are wearing a high factor UV sun screen specially formulated for baby skin.”

Alternatively in winter, protect baby’s skin from cold temperatures and strong winds by ensuring they are well wrapped up against the elements if you go outside. And remember to dress baby in soft, loose fitting, comfortable clothes. This will enable baby to move freely, promote better air circulation and prevent your baby from feeling uncomfortable during the day and night.”

For more information from our 5 Star Expert Panel, tips on how to ensure the wellbeing of your baby’s skin or to share your own experiences, visit

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The switch has flipped…

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 08:01

…and thank Galactus it has!

What switch?  Well, you see, there’s this switch I keep hearing about. The switch where your spawn goes form waking up, like clockwork, at 6AM every morning to being okay with having a lie-in.

About two weeks ago, wifey and I were pleasantly surprised when Captain Awesome let us have a little extra sleep on a Saturday morning.  And it never stopped.  Cap has, consistently, been waking up at 7 every morning.  This is the first time since the squirt has been born that we’ve been able to “lie in” and wake up on our own time.

For those of you with younger babies. There is hope. It might only come two years down the line, but that mythical creature called sleep? It exists.

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The “NO” phase

Fri, 03/30/2012 - 03:30

My son’s picked up a new word – “NO”.  Actually, it’s not a new word, he went through the first few months of his life thinking his name was “NO” but recently, his answer to every question we ask him is NO, even when he means yes.

Me: “Cam, do you want a cracker?”

Cam: “NO”

Me: “Okay”

Cam: “Cracker?”

Me “Okay, here you go”


You can see he’s starting to figure out what “NO” means…because he’s using it in the right context.  But now that he’s reaching two years old (I wish I had R1 for every time somebody said “OOHHH, the terrible twos are coming”)  he’s starting to push his boundaries with the word “NO”.

Wifey “Cams, please pick up your toys”

Cam “No”


Cam “No”

Wifey “Pick up your toys please”

Cam “No”

Wifey’s eyes glow red.

Cam picks up toys.

Apparently it’s quite normal and, according to the University of Illinois, it’s part of growing up.  Saying NO, pushing the boundaries, complete and utter disobedience.

This is when discipline and staying consistent in your actions and what you say is VITALLY important.

Interesting times are lying ahead I see.  I’ll keep you updated on this one.

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